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  • Who are you?
    BRICK is a digital renovation platform that has developed a holistic approach to works unifying all its aspects in a turnkey solution including the design, construction and complete management of the works. We transformed a fragmented, time-consuming and cumbersome process into a seamless, customer-centric experience. We are a general contractor and your trusted third party by ensuring the management of your project, the daily management of each stage and the release of funds by batch that you have validated. BRICK is covered by a ten-year insurance.
  • What is your difference with a general contractor?
    A general contractor is a company that performs several construction-related activities on a daily basis (plumbing, electricity, masonry, etc.). On a construction site, it can take responsibility for construction "all trades". As a general contractor, BRICK offers you a global and turnkey work offer, i.e. we advise you in all phases of your project, from design to completion.
  • What are the regions and cities in which you operate?
    We currently operate in Paris and Ile de France. However, we are constantly expanding, so please get in touch and we'll let you know when we expect to be in your area. Do not hesitate to contact us at
  • Why choose BRICK ?
    We transformed a fragmented, time-consuming and cumbersome process into a seamless, customer-centric experience. By working with BRICK, you receive a complete proposal per project including transparent prices, designs and drawings, sourcing of materials and validated artisans ready to build. That means no delays and a stress-free renovation. The work is carried out in 4 weeks on average; time and costs are controlled
  • Is BRICK insured ?
    Yes. We have taken out ten-year insurance as required by law.
  • Why is there a waiting list ?
    In order to maintain the quality of our services, we only accept the volume of work that we can actually carry out. Due to the overwhelming demand we face, this often means launch dates longer than six weeks from the time of contract acceptance. In case of "emergency", we are able to accelerate our schedule but at our discretion. If your schedule is tight and you need to start work faster than our waiting list, please contact us at
  • What do you mean by "turnkey" bathroom?
    Turnkey, it's turnkey! We have grouped together in one offer per bathroom all the aspects and tasks of the renovation that are usually atomized. Each bathroom project contains: - the design - layout - the style proposal with its decoration and furnishing in several finishes - the selection of qualified craftsmen: plumber, electrician, painter, tiler... - labor and site management - materials logistics - project monitoring No drill, just chill!
  • I find your concept amazing. How to reach you ?
    If you are a craftsman or real estate professional, do not hesitate to fill out our contact form or send an email to
  • What type of renovation do you do?
    We have the know-how and the ability to carry out any type of renovation: from the bathroom to the complete renovation of a Haussmann apartment or a detached house. However BRICK is dedicated to renovating the universe and the lifestyle around the bath. Our turnkey renovations are based on the existing of your space, that is to say and in particular its locations, its electrical connections, water inlets and outlets; and on the fact that the already existing elements are of standard size. Our prices are therefore based on a renovation from an existing layout. Any request for modification, creation of a water or electrical point is subject to a separate estimate.
  • How much does a complete bathroom renovation cost?
    According to the work evaluation guide of the UTEC (National Union of Construction Economists),, and, the price of a complete mid-range renovation a bathroom would be around €10,850 for an area of around 7.5m2. For the same area, BRICK offers on average a turnkey bathroom at 10,038 euros including: The design and layout of the project by interior designer The sourcing and delivery of quality materials Integral management of the site and the craftsmen And zero stress
  • What is the role of BRICK during my project ?
    We are a general contractor and as such the conductor of your project, which includes many responsibilities: - the feasibility study of the project; - project design; - administrative permissions (if needed); - the choice of suppliers and artisans; - certifications, guarantees and ten-year insurance; - the organization and execution of the work: - site delivery and after-sales service. We are your single point of contact and trusted third party in case of problems, questions on your part and in financial matters. We issue invoices and release the funds paid into a blocked account in your name after validation of the lots made.
  • What is my role in my construction site ?
    No drill, just chill. ! You have no obligation. Your project manager fully manages your site and gives you a daily report on its progress. He will offer you an on-site appointment once a week. If you have any questions, please let him know or contact him. In addition to your project manager, we are in constant contact with the professionals involved in your renovation.
  • Who are the craftsmen selected ?
    All BRICK contractors are assured craftsmen and meet BRICK quality standards to carry out your renovation. Experienced construction professionals, we have adopted a recruitment process based on an administrative, financial and quality audit. In addition, we may need to use the services of companies that carry out its verifications. In the context of recruitment, the list of documents requested from candidates: - K-bis - Certificate of insurance - List of seconded staff - Single Declaration of Hiring (DUE) We also carry out a site visit in progress or when possible to one of the candidate's achievements. We then ensure the quality of the work, compliance with standards, technical mastery, solution used.
  • Who are the suppliers of BRICK ?
    We prefer French brands with a "made in France" or European brands from Italy and Germany. Our suppliers are important companies, especially when it comes to being able to guarantee compliance with safety and environmental standards or to be able to supply spare parts for several years.
  • What is the process of renovation ?
    We've made the renovation process as easy as possible: 1. You request a free estimate on our website for your bathroom renovation project by selecting six short answers from the form. And receive by email an estimate of the price of your project accompanied by its library of elements. 2. You make a feasibility meeting with our interior designer and share your photos and videos of your space. OR You share your photos and videos of your space to prepare for your appointment with your interior designer. We take this time to validate your choices, the technical elements of your space and answer your questions. 3. At the end of our meeting, you will receive an adapted proposal including a final quote and work schedule. When the renovation contract is signed, you will receive your complete file including drawings, technical plans, materials, protection and delivery schedule. 4. Start of work and delivery of your new bathroom in 4 weeks on average. During the works, your project manager keeps you informed on a daily basis of the progress of your work. He is always available to answer your questions.
  • Are you working on bearing walls ?
    Yes. If you want to make structural changes such as opening a load-bearing wall, we integrate an architect into the project so that the latter validates or invalidates the project. We also take care of the administrative procedures with town planning such as preliminary requests or building permits. We will provide you with all the necessary information so that you can have a good relationship with your condominium.
  • Can  you change the layout of my bathroom?
    Yes. However, we do not recommend it. Our turnkey renovations are based on the existing of your space, that is to say and in particular its locations, its electrical connections, water inlets and outlets; and on the fact that the already existing elements are of standard size. Our prices are competitive because we propose to keep the existing layout of your space. Any request for a new layout involving in particular the creation of a water supply, drainage, electrical point is outside the package and will be the subject of a separate estimate.
  • How should I prepare for my appointment with feasibility ?
    Check out our style library and choose your favorite range, colors, fixtures and materials. Use your mobile to take photos and videos of your space and thus the quality of the interview with your interior designer.
  • Can I share my own inspirations with my interior designer ?
    Yes. You can certainly share your inspirations; we love to see how you express your style. Keep in mind, however, that your interior designer may not be able to achieve the exact look as each project is tailored specifically to your room using the BRICK element library.
  • Can I choose elements and finishes that are not in the BRICK  library?
    Yes However, our process works best when you make selections from our library. Design: Our interior designers have carefully selected fixtures and finishes from leading brands, adaptable to different layouts and lifestyles, so you don't have to worry about making the wrong decision. Execution: Our licensed artisans have worked with our fixtures and finishes on hundreds of projects, ensuring high-quality execution and streamlined installation. Management: We've established business relationships that allow us to provide you with discounts and coordinate lead times, so you don't have to worry about materials arriving on time. ESSENTIAL TURNKEY Product compatibility must be confirmed with our interior designers and craftsmen before ordering. Some materials may incur additional labor costs which we will also communicate to you before ordering. MORE TURNKEY PACKAGE If you want materials outside of our libraries, we can contact the seller and order it from you. Plumbing and tiling substitutions must be made within our network of suppliers. All substitutions are subject to a 15% charge (on the value of the substitute product), these charges will be shown in a separate line for services in the post-design price update. CUSTOM PACKAGE You are not limited to our libraries. We'll help you find, price and ensure compatibility of all finishes and accessories. Additionally, we order all substituted items on your behalf. Note that we cannot guarantee commercial prices for new suppliers outside our network.
  • Am I responsible for receiving the elements of my renovation and when are they delivered ?
    All materials must arrive after construction begins. Three main deliveries are planned for the first week of construction and will be received by your project manager: plumbing, tiling and furniture… Depending on the design choices, some smaller items could be sent via third party delivery agents such as Colissimo or FedEx: Lighting and electrical appliances (dimmers, switches, wall plates). We are working with our suppliers and contractors to limit the number of packages that arrive outside business hours, but there may be a few small packages that pass through the regular mail system.
  • What is the last limit at which I can still change my design ? Can I make design changes once construction has started ?
    Design changes requested after quote is signed will result in a change order. A change order is work that is added to or removed from the scope of work included in this document, which changes the cost and completion date of the project. We will provide a single price for the change which includes materials, labor and a 15% service charge. If unforeseen site conditions or construction requirements necessitate a change to your design, your Brick team will help you adapt your design as appropriate.
  • What if additional work needs to take place ?
    The feasibility meeting allows you to study the situation as much as possible in order to anticipate the construction site from A to Z. However, an imponderable can always occur. If the initial estimate must be modified, an amendment to the contract is published. It will make it possible to detail and settle contractually, in complete transparency, any technical problems that may arise during construction. It should be noted, however, that an amendment to the contract may induce an amendment to the schedule, and the initial deadlines could therefore be impacted.
  • What happens if defects appear on my site ?
    If this were to happen, contact us directly by calling us on 06 70 28 22 11 or by sending an email to We will contact you as soon as possible.
  • How are our prices  calculated?
    Our free estimate is calculated by our algorithm from your declarative information; then we manually refine it internally. Our business is the complete renovation of bathrooms 100% turnkey: design, layout, materials, labor, site management. Our average price per m2 is around €804 including tax for a space of around 7.5 m2 (bathroom area + WC) However, this price is an estimate and is indicative. Indeed, it can vary according to the size of the bathroom: the smaller it is, the higher the price per m2 will be, the finishes chosen, your place of residence and finally the accessibility to the site (ground floor). ground floor, upper floor without lift).
  • How do you guarantee your prices ?
    Our prices are based on a combination of several factors: - the architectural and technical pre-design of our renovation method. - the elimination, when possible, of intermediaries by addressing brands directly, - the loyalty of the brands and companies with which we collaborate, - automation and digitization of processes (online quote, electronic signature, planning, etc.)
  • What is my payment schedule ?
    BRICK has a simplified, flexible and secure payment schedule: We charge 100 euros including tax for the feasibility meeting with your interior designer. If the estimate is signed, this amount will be deducted from the total amount of the renovation estimate. The payment of the site price can be made in two ways: - Or 100% upon signing the renovation estimate, - That is 40% upon signing the renovation estimate, then 30% at the start of construction and 30% mid-construction However, and regardless of the payment method chosen, the funds are blocked in a secure third-party account, the release of which will only take place at the very end of the work upon signature of the acceptance report.
  • What are your financing solutions ?
    Our funding partner is SOFENCO. We have selected this company because it is well known to all for their experience in granting work loans. Thanks to SOFENCO, you have the possibility of obtaining a payment facility over a period ranging from 3 to 72 months that can be adapted to your needs, with no administration fees.
  • Is my payment secure ?
    Yes. Throughout the duration of the work, the amount of the work is warm and safe in a third-party account in your name. The complete release of funds for the contractor from the secure third-party account only takes place at the very end of the work upon signature of the acceptance report.
  • Is my feasibility appointment reimbursed ?
    Yes. This work appointment to select the elements, check the measurements of your space and check its technical condition is reimbursable if you decide to continue with the design. If you decide not to advance, we keep this amount. This covers the initial hours and labor that our team invests in your project.
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